54th Annual event taking over Cohocton this weekend

COHOCTON — The leaves are ever-changing, but in Cohocton, one thing has remained constant for more than a half century — the Fall Foliage Festival will fill the streets and attract visitors from near and far.

The 54th Annual Fall Foliage Festival is scheduled for this weekend, taking over Cohocton Oct. 5-6 with some additional events on Friday at the Cohocton Sports Complex.

The festival has a little something for everyone, highlighted by the parade Saturday at noon. Among the relatively new additions are the “Fruits of the Press” Wine/Beer tasting event, ready for its second year of featuring local beverage makers on the festival grounds.

Other big events include the Fall Classic Car Show, the Fall Classic Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Show, along with the Tractor Pull and Antique Tractor/Lawn Tractor Show.

“We have got a lot of good things going on this year,” said Bob Fleishman, the Festival Co-Chair. “Of course there’s the parade Saturday. We’ll have a lot of vendors on the greens. We’re going to have the antique tractor show, the antique tractor pull, the car show, and the antique snowmobile snow on Sunday in the vicinity of the school.

“We haven’t had the tractor pull in a few years. last year it got canceled because of bad weather. The antique tractor show will have all kinds of riding lawnmowers to big tractors, whatever you want to put in it. We’ll be accepting entries right up until the day of.”

The Festival Committee is also accepting any last-minute volunteers who want to help out.

“We’re always looking for volunteers,” Fleishman said. “If someone wants to help out, they can give me a buzz and we’ll find a place for them.”

In addition to the big ticket events, visitors can expect vendors of all kinds, activities for the kids and a festival atmosphere throughout the weekend.

“We like to boast that this is a great family festival. It has everything. It’s all geared towards family and fun,” Fleishman said. “There’s a lot of tradition. The whole village, the whole town comes out for it. Everybody has their task for the weekend and it’s a great time. People enjoy it. I’ve got a great group to work with.”

And, of course, visitors can check out the fall foliage in the scenic hills around the Cohocton Valley. The whole package once led National Geographic to name to name the Cohocton Fall Foliage Festival one of the “elite festivals” in all the nation.

For more information, visit http://www.fallfoliagefestival.com