Evidence locker audit also approved

DANSVILLE — In a special meeting on Sept. 27, Dansville Village Board approved the retirement of former Dansville Police Chief Charles Perkins as well as an agreement with Pittsford-based Bonadio & Co. to audit the police department’s evidence locker at a cost not to exceed $3,000.

Village attorneys advised to keep the terms and conditions of the retirement agreement private, but Mayor Peter Vogt told The Express prior to the special meeting that Perkins will be receiving essentially the same retirement package that someone within a police officer’s union would receive, and that his pay and benefits have also reflected the same throughout the years as a union officer and chief. Village department heads are not part of a union, but serve at the pleasure of the board.

Perkins’ retirement went into effect Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Vogt said that the Village does not have someone in line yet for a new chief of police, but will send out notices for resumes and conduct interviews soon. Perkins was placed on paid administrative leave following an executive session with the board on Aug. 26. The board has kept quiet the particulars as to why Perkins was placed on leave, citing that it is a private personnel issue.

Perkins had served 34 years on the Dansville Police Department including nearly 21 years as chief. Since Perkins’ departure, Shannon Griese has been the acting officer in charge.

Regarding the evidence locker audit, Vogt said that since Perkins is leaving after having been chief for more than 20 years, the board thought that an audit would be beneficial before a new chief takes over.

“This won’t be a thorough audit, but more of a review,” Vogt said.

In a letter to the mayor, dated Sept. 20, Bonadio principal certified fraud examiner Tim Ball stated, “At your request, we will assist the Village in evaluating the current policies, procedures and processes surrounding the intake, processing, handling, storage and maintenance of evidence and property within the Department’s possession.”

The letter also stated there will be two auditors on site “for a full day of analysis, interview and testing” and that Bonadio will not audit the department’s financial statements or internal controls.

At the conclusion of the audit, Bonadio will give the mayor an oral report of their findings, including recommendations for remediation, if necessary.