DANSVILLE — The corner of Seward, Clay and Sophia Streets opened to the public Aug. 16 after having been closed for major renovations for more than a year.

The work included building a new culvert under Seward Street, as well as creek cleanup, new water mains and repaving the road and sidewalks, as well as new curbing and building new driveways that arched over the creek.

“The Board has commended Scott [Tracy] and the DPW crew for an extremely well done job,” Mayor Peter Vogt said in a follow-up email. “Doing it in house saved a lot of money and is a shining example of the capabilities of our workforce. Further, as a community we can take pride in a well-done and great looking job.”

The work initiated as Bradner Creek cleanup, but the crews discovered that the culvert was in dire need of replacement. Then, as work crews had the street torn up for the project, the public works crew noticed that significant repair needed to be done to the water mains underneath. A new and larger water line was installed, as well as a new storm drain to reroute underground clean water that had been leaking into the sewer line and going to the wastewater treatment plant.

“Now we have considerably less water going to the wastewater treatment plant to be unnecessarily treated. That is saving us money,” Vogt said.

With a Bridge NY grant and funds from Senator Catharine Young’s office, the more than $200,000 street and culvert renovation project is being paid for without any additional cost to the local taxpayer.

The Village is planning on finishing repaving and curbing the rest of Clay Street through Perine Street next year. Work crews also recently paved a portion of Chestnut Avenue from Main to Elizabeth Street and added curbing, drainage and sidewalks in front of Dansville United Methodist Church on the corner of Chestnut Avenue and Elizabeth Street.

The Village work crew is gearing up for repaving a portion of the parking lot on Elizabeth Street between Dansville Public Library and Clara Barton Chapter #1.