GENESEO — The Board of Supervisors proclaimed July 21-27, as Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision (PPPS) Week in Livingston County.

The nationally recognized week is a time to celebrate the dedicated and caring individuals in our community who work tirelessly to make our neighborhoods safer and more vibrant places to live and raise families. These professionals are on duty each and every day to assist juvenile and adult offenders in becoming better citizens with productive lives. Working together makes for stronger bonds between colleagues, community partners and with those under supervision.

The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) highlights 10 ways community corrections professionals are valuable to our nation:

1. Community corrections professionals are committed to promoting services and programs that meet the needs and interests of crime victims and the community.

2. Community corrections professionals promote an integrated, comprehensive approach to dealing with the pervasive problem of substance abuse.

3. Community corrections professionals provide services and programs that provide opportunities for offenders to become law-abiding citizens.

4. Community corrections professionals offer choices and enforce consequences.

5. Community corrections professionals are caring people.

6. Community corrections professionals promote community protection through proactive, problem-solving work practices plus interventions aimed at changing criminal and/or delinquent behavior.

7. Community corrections professionals are dedicated, hard-working individuals who are truly concerned about making a difference in the community where they live.

8. Community corrections professionals provide core services such as investigations, victim advocacy, community supervision, immediate response to violations and treatment services; all of which provide optimum public protection.

9. Community corrections professionals work 24/7 to help make our nation safe.

10. Community corrections professionals supervise over five million adults and thousands of juveniles in our communities. Imagine what it would be like without them!

Lynne Mignemi, Director of Livingston County’s Probation Department, said the following: "The mission of our probation department is to protect the community and reduce recidivism through the rehabilitation of those placed on probation. Sometimes those missions seem at odds with each other, but when done well, Livingston County benefits by becoming a safer community. The probation staff works diligently in high stressed environments, putting themselves on the front line to protect the lives of victims and, with the current opioid crisis significantly impacting so many regionally, statewide, and nationally, officers assist individuals in receiving life-saving treatment. The PPPS Week, rightfully so, honors them and the work they do. I could not be more proud of the staff – individually and collectively - at the Livingston County Probation Department.”

Livingston County’s Probation Department was chosen as one of ten departments throughout New York State to pilot an e-Connect tool developed by Columbia University over the past three years. It is a self-administered suicide risk assessment tool that will be given to every youth referred to the probation department at their initial intake appointment in order to assess suicide risk. The department has also developed a local plan to get the highest risk youth into treatment immediately. Earlier this week, probation officers received training from Dr. Katherine Elkington, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, on the e-Connect assessment tool which will be implemented this summer.

All are encouraged to join together during PPPS Week to honor those who work to make our communities a safer place to live. Contact Lynne Mignemi, Probation Director for Livingston County, at 585-243-7190 or visit the Probation Department website for local PPPS Week happenings.