Violations will be sent out this week to offending parties

WELLSVILLE — Codes violators in the Village of Wellsville are on notice.

A village couple has raised issues with neighbors on South Main Street for years, visiting board meetings and pointing to ongoing codes violations.

“We’re tired of it. It’s been too long. We can’t enjoy anything,” said one resident, noting the area is zoned residential but the neighbors are basically operating an auto repair garage out of the site, with noise and exhaust fumes at all hours of the day, among other disputes.

The village Board of Trustees has made headway in addressing such issues with the aid of its legal counsel, Richardson, Pullen and Buck. The law firm has gotten the village to the point where violations can be sent out by the Code Enforcement office this week, with offending parties given 30 days to comply. Legal action could then be pursued in the event of noncompliance.

“When would you anticipate these people being in front of a judge?” asked Mayor Randy Shayler.

“It could be as early as next month, that’s what I would expect,” said attorney Seth Pullen.

Village trustees sympathized with the couple and apologized for the process not being a speedier endeavor.

“This attorneys group has just started in April. The previous village attorney retired and this group has taken over. Since April things have progressed a lot faster than the previous years,” said trustee Jeff Monroe. “I apologize for (the delay).”

“We’re going to get violations submitted this week,” added Deputy Mayor Jeremy Cole. “Unfortunately it’s going to take 30 days, but if they don’t remedy we can get these people to court.”

Pullen and the trustees urged the couple to document any violations, log the time and dates and alert the police department.

“We have to establish that it’s an ongoing violation and get a judge to issue an order,” Pullen said.

23 North

The village intends to submit the latest floor plan for 23 North Main to the town later this week. Town board liaison Patty Graves said the town is looking into other accommodations for its offices moving forward. A change to the initial plans for the ground floor of the former Burrous Building may not leave the town with enough space to house its operations. Building ownership now intends to house the Alfred Housing Committee in the structure, with the village renting space. 


Trustee Mike Roeske reported communication from the Planning Board, which is requesting a liaison from the new Economic Development Board so the entities can best work together for the collective good. The Planning Board would also like to have a representative from the Chamber of Commerce at its meetings. The village board had no objections to either request.