LIVINGSTON COUNTY — Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty would like to congratulate the following Deputies who have successfully completed the Peace Officer academy held at the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office over the last several weeks: Deputy Caleb Nellis, Deputy Timothy Gemme, Deputy Johnna Schrier, Deputy Dylan Knights.

The academy was held at the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office from March 5–April 19, and consisted of 233 hours of classroom and field training on the following topics:

Ethics, Special Needs, Inmates, Personal Awareness, Legal Issues, Essential Services, Security & Supervision, First Aid / CPR, Effective Communication, Investigations by Peace Officers, Stress Management, Suicide Prevention, Fire Prevention, Interagency Cooperation, Aerosol Subject Restraint Device, Criminal Procedure Law, Court Room Testimony, Manipulation by Inmates, Incident Prevention, Crime Scene Preservation, Hostage Survival, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Inmate Transportation, Defensive Tactics, Written Communications, Penal Law, Article 35, Article 265, Firearms.

The defensive tactics portion consisted of 27 hours of hands on instruction. The firearms portion consisted of 40 hours of classroom and range participation. The graduates now have the proper training to assist them in their daily duties as a Deputy assigned to the Jail Division.

The Deputies will now move to the field training portion of their initial training. Upon completion of a minimum of 160 hours of field training they will be ready to work inside the Livingston County Jail.