DANSVILLE--Dansville Central School District Board of Education recently made a significant change to its proposed capital project.


The board is now proposing to place new tennis courts in the field behind the high school, and next to the proposed football/track/stadium, whereas it had originally planned to place the new tennis courts at its new property across the street.


Superintendent Paul Alioto said the reasons for the change include obtaining a higher amount of state aid, and because it makes the courts more accessible to students from each school building. The space across the street where the tennis courts were formally proposed is now being considered as practice fields for soccer and football.


“This is the way that makes the most financial and educational sense,” Alioto said. “And the board enthusiastically supported this change.”


Alioto said the possibility of students practicing right outside his window in the new district office building is something he looks forward to seeing.


The board is expected to adopt a resolution for a June 25 public referendum at its next board meeting. If approved, the district is hoping to break ground in 2021.