DANSVILLE — The WDNY-FM 93.9 radio station has found a new owner from the Big Apple.


Hold Fast Media CEO Don MacLeod has a vision to bring more local flavor to the radio station. MacLeod has worked most of his life in the media business, and this is the first radio station he has owned.


“It has always been a dream of mine to own a radio station,” he said. “I have family in New York City and Rochester, so this is the perfect area to own a radio station. I have always liked this area when I come down to visit.”


MacLeod was born and raised in Michigan. He said that many of the towns and county names are similar to his hometown.


MacLeod is a third generation media mogul. His grandfather and mother started off the path to the media business.


“My mother always traveled and had a fascinating job, so we all grew up wanting to be like her,” he said.


Some of the new things coming to the Dansville radio station include a morning show in April, more live DJs, and a public access show that will talk to the local leaders.


“I have a wide range of experience having sold out thousands of shows all over the world,” he said. “I would like to show the power of radio with other mediums. We are going to offer an array of great things to the community.”


MacLeod is just starting to get out and meet the community members.


“I really want to bring the local flavor back to the station, and make it feel less like a jukebox playing music,” he said. “I have a strong goal to help the community. I want to not only entertain them, but help their business grow. This radio station is like a blank canvas I get to paint my own vision on, and be more active in the community.”


MacLeod spent most of his career in the big cities all over the world with famous musicians, and for 17 years even had his own record label. He is drawn to the small towns more, because he has a strong love for high school sports. The big cities didn’t seem to focus on high school sports as much.


MacLeod said that he hopes this all works out the way he envisions for the community. He will plan on being more involved in the festivals and other events as well.


MacLeod will also reach out to Dansville Elementary School to ask students to do the Pledge of Allegiance for the radio station.

The WDNY FM 93.9 radio station is located at 195 Main Street. They can be reached at 585-335-9369. For more information go to https://geneseenow.com/