DANSVILLE — The Livingston County Scholastic Art Show was held for the first time at Dansville Central.


On March 23 students from school districts all over the county were able to be part of this prestigious show. There were 15 categories with best of category, first place, and second place winners. Best of Show this year was Abbey Young of Dansville. The Best of Show, best of categories, and first place pieces will all be on exhibit at the art gallery for Genesee Valley Council on the Arts from March 30th to April 27. There will be an opening reception on April 6 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Dansville High School Art Teacher Matthew Buckholz said it was great to be able to host the show at the school this year.


“It was nice to be able to take the artwork down the hall this year, and not have to take it in my car to another school. We are very excited to be hosting this year,” he said. “We have an army of very talented art students this year. They have been good about helping us with ideas.”


Dansville High School Art Teacher Kristen Pullen said that they had most of the school year to work on this artwork.


“We had to get it all ready as far as what the students wanted to do,” she said. “This is their day to shine. We wanted to really make it feel like an art show.”


Buckholz said that a few students worked on the Clara Barton mural now hanging in the cafeteria.


“We have a few students who worked really hard on the mural,” he said. “We all couldn’t wait to showcase it for the art show. I plan on keeping it up until I retire.”


The maintenance workers at the school were very helpful in getting the mural up in time for the show as the point was to honor the history of the community.


Pullen said that is impressive to see what the other teachers and students have done.


“This type of art show is the best place to get ideas. The teachers all talk to one another. There are so many projects around to inspire you,” she said. “We look around at other students work, and we wonder how they are so good every year. It motivates our students every year.”


GVCA Program Coordinator Melissa Moody said that the art council chooses a school to showcase the work every year.


“Dansville requested to be the host school this year. Last year we had the show in Livonia,” she said. “It is a great opportunity for us to highlight high quality work done by students, and it speaks to the skills of the teachers. The awarded pieces will go back to our art gallery.”


Best of Show recipient Abbey Young, said she is very surprised to have gotten this award.


“I am really amazed they chose me. It is an amazing opportunity, and I am really glad that I get to use art to express myself,” she said. “It took me a little over a week to do. I found a photo online that reminded me of my little sister, and I loved using the pale blue background with the deep red hair.”


Young said that she is very honored to be in an art gallery, and thankful for all the support she has gotten from Mrs. Pullen.