DANSVILLE — There was a huge turnout for the Sarah Connor benefit held at CB’s Bar and Grill as the community came out for one of thitsitseir own.


Cheryl Quibell and Kelly Rounsville helped to organize the Sarah Connor Euchre Tournament and Basket Raffle on March 23. There were 44 people who played in the tournament with 11 tables. There were over 80 baskets donated in the basket raffle.


Sarah Connor, a Dansville mail carrier and Breast Cancer survivor, had recently found out she has brain cancer. She has three children, Max, Mya, and Levi. All of the money raised at the benefit went to support the family.


Quibell said that Sarah has been her best friend for many years.


“We have been best friends since her oldest child was in daycare,” she said. “Sarah is one of the strongest and sweetest people I know. Everything we raise will go to help the family. Sarah had sent a message and photo saying she loves everyone, but she couldn’t make it to the benefit.”


There were several involved in the benefit that were wearing Fighting For Sarah T-Shirts. A couple pink boots were at the bar with donations being made to Edgar Schmidt of Star Theater. Schmidt is fighting his own cancer battle with Adenocarcinoma. This kind of cancer is aggressive and forming in his lung.


“Sarah would want us to give back, so we are giving the money in the pink boots to Edgar. Sarah was always about giving back to others,” Quibell said. “Sarah has always been loved by so many people. Edgar does a lot for the community too. Sarah would be happy it was going to someone else in need.”


Schmidt said he had radiation treatment last year when he was diagnosed.


“I finished radiation treatment last year. I am now doing chemotherapy,” he said. “I was diagnosed with this form of lung cancer last February. Back then there was just a very small spot on my lung, and they thought they could get it with radiation treatment. After that it spread in the lung, and now they are doing chemotherapy.”


Schmidt said he had a bad reaction to the chemotherapy at first that made him stop breathing, so they switched him to a different kind of chemotherapy. There are now three different approaches the doctors are making to kill the cancer.


Schmidt added in the last six months the cancer has gotten really aggressive, but he will continue to be a fighter.


Rounsville said that he was very happy with the tournament turnout.


“This was the biggest turnout for a euchre tournament I have ever had,” he said. “I am very happy with it. I am overwhelmed with the amount of people who have come out for Sarah.”


Jo Kenney, Sarah’s mother, said that the amount of support the family has gotten has been phenomenal.


“Sarah is a beautiful soul, and it has always shown. Cheryl talked to us about how this is a good time to have the benefit. Sarah had planned to be here, but she can’t be here now,” she said. “I love all of the people who have come out to honor and support Sarah. It means a lot to us.”


Connor grew up in Dansville but worked as a mail carrier in Mount Morris, Wayland, and Dansville. She was a Tough Mudder champion and loved to run in the community.


Kelley Wester, a Breast Cancer survivor, said that she and the other survivors met Connor at the yoga and coffee meetings in town. She was like a daughter to all of them. The Dansville Breast Cancer Coalition meets at the Dansville Public Library for yoga and every first Thursday of the month at MacFaddens for coffee at 9:30 a.m.


“We are all on different parts of our journey,” she said. “We don’t get together to talk about cancer. We just laugh and cry. We all know Sarah from the meetings. Sarah is part of our group, and part of our family. She has been with us for most of her journey. We all love her.”


Jan Zimmer, a Breast Cancer survivor, said that she always looked forward to seeing Sarah. 


“When I saw her again after a while I started to cry, because I missed her. I was surprised to see her back at work," she said. "After that I didn’t see her again, and found out she had the brain cancer. She is so young, and this is so tragic. She is so special to me. She is so beautiful. She always looked like a model. She was always so sweet to everyone.”