CANASERAGA — The Canaseraga Four Corners has a fancy new history marker right in front of the Angelic Art Studio on Main Street.


The Canaseraga Four Corners was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002, and has been the source of a streetscapes project. The idea is to restore and maintain the history of the community.


The four corners were reconstructed in brick right after the fire consumed the town in 1895. The brick buildings were built in Victorian-Era style, which makes this very unique to the area.


“From my recollection, the buildings at the four corners were reconstructed after the fire of 1895 which claimed much of the village center. I believe my conclusions from your urbanism studio read something like the following: This date does correspond to the late Victorian era, even though these buildings in question do not exhibit much of the notably expressive detail found in most Victorian architecture,” Alfred State student Matthew Mustac said. “These buildings were purpose-built, and their details are subtle and most easily appreciated from the pedestrian street view, a fairly common approach at the turn of the century in many American towns and villages.”


Alfred State students are working on a huge restoration project to breath new life into the historic downtown, and to preserve the rich history of the community.