GENESEO:A SUNY Geneseo student is arrested and charged with stolen property and identity theft.

On March 14 Bradley Myers, 25, of Perry was arrested and charged with five counts of felony fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, five counts of petit larceny, and five counts of third-degree identity theft.


Livingston County Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty said,"The arrest stems from a burglary investigation that was conducted by the SUNY Geneseo Police Department where it is alleged that Myers entered a building unlawfully and stole a female’s purse. It is further alleged that Myers used credit cards from the purse to purchase items at various stores in the Town of Geneseo."

Myers was arrested by the Sheriff’s Investigator at the Livingston County Jail as he was already being held on the burglary charges from SUNY Geneseo PD.
The District Attorney’s Office was contacted in regards to bail on the new charges. It was recommended that Myers be released on his own recognizance (ROR) as he was already being held on $5,000 cash bail or $10,000 bond from the previous burglary charge.


Myers was later arraigned at the Livingston County Centralized Arraignment Part (LC-CAP) at the Livingston County Jail before Town of Mount Morris Judge David Provo. The Judge did not follow the recommendation and instead remanded Myers to the custody of the Sheriff on an additional $3,000 cash or $6,000 bond on the Sheriff’s Office charges. This means that if Myers makes bail on the initial SUNY Geneseo PD charge of $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond, he will have an additional $3,000 cash or $6,000 bond on the new felony charges in the town of Geneseo lodged by the Sheriff’s Office.