DANSVILLE — The Empire Realty Group will have a new home in the near future at the point of Battle, Main, and Franklin streets.


On March 14 the Genesee Country Express stopped to talk with Dan Rauber Construction and Empire Realty Group about the future plans of this old building.


Dan Rauber said that the plan is to turn the old building into a office building. Half of the building will be used for Empire Realty Group, and the other will be leased to anyone interested in an office.


“We have been talking to the owners, Bob and Robbin Smith, for about a month now about what they wanted to do with the building,” Rauber said. “This building has a lot of history in the town. It was two different gas stations at one point. When we are done with it this is going to be very nice. We will be using the existing building, and fixing it up to look nice.”


Rauber has been in the construction business for three decades, and he is happy to be working on an historic building in his hometown.


“We have just started working on the building, and plan to have the outside done within a month,” he said. “There is going to be a big window out front, windows on the other side to match, a big walk through door, and new sidewalk all around the building.”


Rauber said he is glad the building is being used again.


“I have traveled all over the country doing construction jobs in California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. It is nice to be working on a building in my hometown. I grew up in Dansville, and the whole time I was growing up this was a gas station.”


Rauber added that his team will be working on the outside, but someone else will do the inside work.


John Pappas owned the building at one point and had a small pool supply store attached to the gas station. Jane Schryver discovered that the building was also Taz’s Automotive with a service station in the bays. Schryver shared it was also a Chrysler and Plymouth service station in 1938 called Meeker Service Station. 


Bob Smith, Empire Realty Group managing director said that he and his wife Robbin had planned on moving Empire Realty Group over to the new offices once the project is complete.


“We are looking forward to moving across the street to the new offices,” he said. “The county and village has worked hard to make downtown a great business area. We are glad to be part of bringing business to downtown.”


Smith said he and his wife had planned on doing this project for awhile, but finally were able to put the plan in motion.


“We have been at our current location for four years now. We are growing, and hope to use the new space to bring more business. We have opened a small office in Lakeville as well,” he said. “We are still working on what we want to do with the inside design, but we have Dan Rauber working on the outside. I think our business will be a wonderful compliment to that corner. We want to continue to make downtown beautiful, and everyone has been very positive on growing business on main street.”


Smith grew up in Dansville as well, and has known Rauber for a long time. This project is a local dedication to the hometown roots. There is no completion date set at this time.