DANSVILLE — An organization has thrived in Rochester for years, and now it is coming to the local community.


ROCovery Fitness, Inc. exists because of a community need to provide sober experiences and connections to other individuals working on recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The organization is made up of members who have personal experience with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, have a sense of passion and service to give back to the community and are driven to make a difference to help combat current community trends.


Lisa Nichols, ROCovery Fitness Southern Tier services coordinator, has volunteered at the Rochester headquarters for years, and now she is starting up her own branch.


“This organization has done very well in Rochester for four years,” she said. “They offer free sober living activities to those who can stay sober at least 48 hours. They are hiking, kayaking, yoga, fitness, and other cool programs. I am coordinating this program now in Livingston and Steuben counties. I believe so much in what they do.”


Nichols believes every community that struggles with addiction needs a program like this.


“I have gone to talk with CASA to tell them what we do. We work close with them. We are providing a way to live life sober,” she said. “I would like to talk to community members, and see a couple local businesses are already willing to collaborate with this organization such as Redemption MMA and Kate’s Yoga Studio.


“We want people to come to these events and let them know we are here to help,” she added. “This is an important message to people who are in recovery. I chose a sober life myself, and I have known people who struggle with addiction. If someone is choosing that sober life this program is for them.”


If you are already living a sober life you can feel free to join the programs as well, and help those on the road to recovery through your influence.


“Our program fosters love and fellowship with like minded people,” Nichols said. “People who have never been an addict can still come to these events, and offer love and support to those in need. I want these people who suffer addiction to start living a healthy lifestyle.”


It is important that before you join your first event you fill out the membership form, to help with anything needed for future events. You won’t have to keep filling out this form every time you participate in ROCovery Fitness.


“We are a non-for-profit organization, so it is important we have these forms to show the grant providers we are affecting many lives,” Nichols said. “A variety of factors go into these programs. I believe in the 12 step programs and meeting in facilities. They help people through recovery, but not really with enjoying life.”


ROCovery Fitness inspires those who have struggled to start reaching for that sober life again.


“When I worked as a high school teacher I would see how young teens were affected by addiction in the family,” she said. “To see them all go through drug abuse it made me want to do something to help the young people. They don’t have a lot of activities in our community geared towards them. We want to have it open to youth, and those who might not have a lot of money.”


Nichols said this program has really touched so many lives already, and she hopes that it will save many lives in our area.


“I already coach a class at Redemption MMA, so Justin Walker is letting me do the program there,” she said. “I have a dream to build this program, and eventually get

our own building established. When the weather gets nice again we will have a program every weekend.”


Nichols said she is open to all kinds of sober living activities if any of the participants have suggestions.


“We establish very clear boundaries in our programs. People in recovery are very vulnerable. We offer a safe place for them,” she said. “We are always focusing on fun, fellowship, and safety.”


Right now there is ROCovery Southern Tier Strength and Conditioning at Redemption MMA until April 5. It is located at 12 Spruce Street in Dansville. They run Mondays and Fridays from 3 to 4 p.m. Southern Tier ROCovery Mindful Yoga on March 7, 21, and April 4 at 4 p.m. This is located at 153 Main Street in Dansville. The ROCovery Hi Tor/Conklin Gully Hike is March 9 from noon to 3 p.m. at Parish Glen in Naples. It is located at Parish Hill Road in Naples. Folks will park at the Conklins Gully at noon and hike into the Hi Tor Wildlife Management Area. This hike is about five miles, and be in very hilly terrain. For more information you can visit https://www.rocoveryfitness.org/ or check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rocovery/