DANSVILLE — A historical part of the Dansville community is reaching out for help to fix its roof.


The Dansville Moose Lodge held a benefit on Sunday, Feb. 24 to "raise the roof" — literally. 


Ray West, Dansville Moose Lodge administrator, said they need to raise about $30,000 to fix the roof by June.


“We need extra money to fix our roof,” he said. “It will cost a lot more than we figured. We would like to put a pitch roof on so we don’t have to deal with this problem again.”


West mentioned how the Dansville Moose Lodge is always holding events for the community.


“We like to hold events here for the community, and other clubs are using our building all the time,” he said. “We want to make sure everything is up to code.”


There are wheelchairs, beds, and walkers available for use in the community stored in the building as well.


“We have local people willing to help us fix the roof, but we need the funds for it first,” West said. “We started to plan this benefit a couple of months ago. We are hoping for a huge turnout.”


The Dansville Moose Lodge and Women Order of the Moose made up the baskets for the raffles.


Rachel West, Ray’s daughter, said she is a proud member of the Lodge.


“I feel like this place is another childhood home. I have spent many years in this building,” she said. “I have grown up here. I have helped my dad out for the last 10 years.”


West said that everyone at the Lodge has great camaraderie, and it is a great club to be part of.


“We need younger members to sign up. There is a lot we do here that the young people don’t even know about,” she said. “I brought my friends here for Karaoke night, and they wanted to join.”

There was a strong support from the community with about 70 baskets donated from local businesses at the fundraiser. For more information, stop by the Lodge.