GENESEO — Livingston County officials unanimously approved their legislative platform for this year’s session of the State Legislature in a Board of Supervisors meeting held last week. Priorities for the 2019 Legislative Agenda were developed by the Board of Supervisors in working with County Administrator Ian Coyle and County Department Heads.

Livingston County government has identified ten priorities for the 2019 New York State Legislature session. The Board of Supervisors is advocating for Sales Tax Modernization to create a level playing field for all retailers by addressing shortcomings in internet sales tax collection practices. Another priority of the Board is full funding for the recently enacted voting and election reforms.

"There is still concern among counties that the Governor and state Legislature often fail to incorporate the impact of county costs and support for state-mandated services when they pass legislation or make funding allocation decisions," explained County Administrator Coyle. "Therefore it is incumbent upon this Board to take the necessary steps and efforts to educate and advocate through this official state Legislative Agenda."

Other legislative priorities this year include a direct state appropriation for the Livingston County Land Bank Corporation, general mandate relief, funding for the Thrive in Livingston Anti-Poverty Initiative, and the continuation of the Federal/State nursing home intergovernmental aid program.