COHOCTON — A local funeral director has just published his latest tales of the dearly departed.


Stanley Swan, of Cohocton, had published his memoirs “Undertakings of an Undertaker: True stories of being laid to rest" in 2015.


As a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling, Swan’s first fictional book, “Tales Unleashed” covers 28 tales of the unusual.


“Tales Unleashed is a little bit of everything from time travel to disappearances,” he said. “They are all stories of the unusual. I think people will find them interesting. I didn’t think I would ever have a short stories book, but I always enjoyed reading these kinds of stories.”


Swan has a blog he keeps up with as he tells about the behind the scenes of an undertaker. Many people from all over the world visit his blog and enjoy the tales.


“I started working on this book over two years ago, and I kept coming up with ideas for short stories,” he said. “When I got to 28 stories I knew I had enough for a book.”


Swan said that working on the fictional book gave him a lot more freedom. When he did his memoirs he had to be careful since they were all true stories.


“I enjoy talking to civic groups and clubs about my books,” he said. “People always have a lot of questions about what funeral directors do.”


Hitchcock and Serling influenced Swan in a lot of his work, and he was even able to visit Serling’s graveside.


Swan also feels nostalgic about his childhood when he lived in Jasper. He would play on his bikes around the cemetery.


“I am working on a book of photography as well. I have always enjoyed taking photos of abandoned buildings, asylums, barns, tractors, and trains,” he said. “We live in a rich area for this kind of stuff.”


Tales Unleashed can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Feel free to visit his blog for more information.