DANSVILLE — A young teen lost his whole world when his caretaker and grandmother passed away early this month.


Donna Bennett, 67, of Dansville passed away on Feb. 3. Bennett spent many years of her life as a night custodian at Dansville Central School.


Auron Bennett, 16, has lived with his grandmother for most of his life. He is now in the care of his original daycare provider, Sally Jansch.


Bennett has requested that comforting cards be sent to him in order to deal with the loss of his grandmother. A couple of students who took this to heart, Jesse Cronk and Grace Rittenhouse, are setting up a card campaign at Dansville Central.


Julie Camacho, Sally’s daughter, told Genesee Country Express what this young teen has been through, and how much these cards will mean to him.


“He lost the person who cared for him his whole life,” she said. “He is a 16-year-old boy who suffers from Autism. He doesn’t understand why his grandmother isn’t here anymore. Donna had a will, and in it she gave full guardianship to my mother Sally.”


Camacho said that Auron is used to her mother since he was at her daycare for several years.


“He is a sad 16-year-old boy. His entire world has come to an end,” she said. “Donna took him everywhere.”

Camacho said the card idea is something nice the community can do for this teen.


“My family is not looking for anything. We just want to help this boy,” she said. “Auron keeps asking why no one is sending him any cards. I know the school is working on something for him, and we are hoping the community reaches out.”


A Celebration of Life will take place on Feb. 23 at 2 p.m. at the Free Methodist Church in Dansville. The school has said they will provide all the food.


“I would like people to come out to support Auron at the Celebration of Life,” Camacho said. “Donna was not expected to leave him.”


Camacho said that although Auron will graduate next year he will still need care until he is 21 years old.


“We are new to this whole process. He went from living in an apartment with his grandma to living in a house full of people,” she said. “My son is the same age is him, and has been helping him. My mother is happy to do this for Auron, because she understands that he has no one else. Donna was my mother’s good friend. My mom knows this is what needs to be done to care for Auron.”


Camacho added that her family is very thankful to the school for all of their support.


“I hope that people bring cards for Auron to the Celebration of Life,” she said. “The pastor is going to speak at 3:30 p.m. about Donna’s life. There isn’t going to be any raffles. We are just focusing on the care of Auron.”


If anyone is interested in sending cards to Auron Bennett they can be sent to 4 Morse Street, Dansville NY 14437.