DANSVILLE — There was a huge turnout to honor the memory of long-time cheer coach Phyllis Greene.


Team Phyllis Tribute was held on Feb. 10 at the Dansville Foursquare Church. There was a spaghetti dinner, basket raffle, 50/50 raffle, Team Phyllis T-Shirts, and memorabilia.


Phyllis Greene passed away from liver cancer on Jan. 30 leaving behind her husband, Larry, and their two children, Kim and Scott, along with grandchildren. The community has gathered to remember this amazing woman.


Some of the family was present at the Team Phyllis Tribute.


Raegan Lemmon, Phyllis’ granddaughter, came wearing a green and black ribbon on her wrist to honor her grandmother.


“My family is so blessed that everyone has come out to do this,” she said. “My grandma would be very touched. A lot of good people have come out to support us.”


Kim Lemmon, Phyllis’ daughter, said that she is very humbled to see how many came out to honor her mother.


“I am very thankful to all of those who came out to support our family. It is very humbling and heartfelt,” she said. “It is amazing to see how many businesses and people are here to help.”


Lemmon said her father was a US Marine and that is how her parents met. Phyllis was a North Carolina native who moved to her husband’s hometown of Dansville. They raised their children in this community. The power couple was married for nearly 50 years.


“Mom loved the alumni cheerleaders. She would have all the girls over for dinners and Christmas events,” she said. “She was always very passionate about cheerleading. My mother was always a strong woman.”


Larry Greene, Phyllis’ husband, said that it amazing to see so many people who loved his wife.


“I am amazed and humbled by all the support,” he said. “I didn’t know this many people would come out to support us.”


Amy Chamberlin gathered her fellow alumni cheerleaders to put this event on to benefit the Greene Family.


“I think we had a very good turnout,” she said. “All of the proceeds for this event are going to Larry and the family. Larry is happy to have us do this.”


LaVaughn Shepard said that tons of baskets were donated along with gift certificates from several local businesses.


“These girls have always worked hard, and they come together as one,” she said. “I started out as Phyllis’ assistant cheer coach. We did many competitions together. We even did several competitions in Canada.”


Shepard mentioned there has been an overwhelming support from the whole community.


“It was amazing to be able to work with Phyllis. I learned a lot from her,” she said. “She was my daughter’s varsity coach. There are a lot of alumni cheerleaders here to help out. It is so great to see the support.”


Michelle Masten, alumni cheerleader, said that it was an honor for all the girls to come together and remember their favorite cheer coach.


“Phyllis loved when all of the old cheerleaders came out to cheer at the Alumni Games,” she said. “She called us a lot, and kept in touch with her girls. I really appreciated everything Phyllis did for me.”


Masten added that her daughter, Emma Masten, is now part of the cheerleading team. It is great to have a generational presence in cheerleading.


“The last cheer competition Phyllis came to was on Jan. 12. She called to tell me she was thankful for always being supportive. She told the girls to keep going to practice and all the competitions,” she said. “The girls were able to go to the hospital to visit with her. She told them all she was very proud of them. It was nice for her to see the girls one last time.”


Masten said it will not be the same without Phyllis, but the girls are hoping to win the state title for their beloved cheer coach. The girls are wearing green and black ribbons and will have a removal tattoo saying “Team Phyllis” at their competitions.


“It won’t be the same without Phyllis,” she said. “She was a unique, and had an old school approach to cheerleading. Phyllis would be glad we are doing this for Larry. Larry really needs all of our support right now. She would want the girls to stay focused.”


Masten said that Phyllis wanted the girls to go all the way, and win that state title. The girls have the motivation to honor their cheer coach's last wish.


“Phyllis gave the girls everything they need to succeed,” she said. “They have the motivation now to go out there and win the state title for Phyllis.”