DANSVILLE — An open house for the new inpatient care facility at the Dansville Treatment Center began a new era.

 On Feb. 6, county and local officials came to witness the beginning of residential care in the county.

CASA Trinity CEO Ann Domingos said this has been a dream come true for the non-for-profit organization.

“This is a really exciting day for CASA Trinity. This project has been in the making for over three years now. We got awarded the capital project, and had to go through all the channels. The construction went up really fast, and I can hardly believe we are here today,” she said. “This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I am thrilled to be able to bring it to Dansville, Livingston County, and all the patients we share that need this help. We are all profoundly aware of the addiction epidemic that is sweeping the state. We are so thrilled to expand these services to Livingston County. This program is filling a gap that has been in this county for a very long time. In the past we only had outpatient services, and now we will have inpatient care.”

 Oasis gave over a million dollars to fund this building, Krog Group did the construction, and several local businesses helped as well. All of the furniture in the inpatient unit was from Dansville Better Homes. All of the lumber came from Rogers and Tenbrook. All of the appliances came from Rauber’s.

Michele Anuszihiewicz, Livingston County Community Services director, said that the opioid epidemic is out of control, and a place like this is strongly needed in the region.

 “CASA Trinity is this amazing agency who has the greatest leadership. They are really filling a hole that exists in this county," Anuszihiewicz said. "We have no treatment housing available anywhere else,” she said. “All of the counties that surround us have had it, so I couldn’t be prouder of the town of Dansville for recognizing the need for this. This is not just a problem in the big cities. This problem affects all of us, and these are our people. We need to take care of them.”

Congressman Tom Reed’s office was available for comment on the importance of this program.

 “We don’t see this as a congressional boundary issue,” Allison Hunt, community liaison said. “For those who know about these issues well, we are limited in these kinds of services. There is a daily struggle for those who need this kind of care. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this. We want to help in any way that we can. We know the entire region can benefit from this program.”

 Krog Group Project Manager John Schleyer said that he had worked hard to get this building done in time.

 “The village has been very supportive of this project,” he said. “The neighbors have been really great too. Ann (Domingos) did work on an advisory committee to work with
the neighbors. This has been great for us to work with Ann. The design for this building came quickly.”

 Krog Group Contractor Pat Cannon said it felt good to help on this local project.

 “People who really need this kind of help will have it available to them now,” he said. “There was a lot of work to be done at first, but it all went very smoothly. I am very blessed to have been part of this project.”

Mayor Peter Vogt praised the project.

“I have been supportive of this project from the start. There is an issue in Dansville on problems with addiction,” he said. “I can’t think of a better place to have this program. This is a great use of the property that had sat around vacant for a long time.”

 Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty said that the local law enforcement is on board with this program.

 “I will support these guys whenever they need it. My hope is that people will take this golden opportunity to get long term care. This is a great day for local law enforcement," he said. "The folks that battle addiction will get the care they need.”

 Dansville Police Chief Charlie Perkins said that the community really needed this facility.

 “This is like any other addition to the community, be it a festival or service. The vast majority is always good, and it will benefit many people. There will always be a degree of special needs,” he said. “The vast majority of this project has been positive. We provide excellent water, sewer, fire protection, and a police department in this community. The village services are all up to speed on what is needed here.”

 Perkins said that crime activity should go down with the positive attitudes in the program.

 “The majority of folks here will provide a positive atmosphere. The community should not be concerned about this building,” he said. “The expansion of this business is a positive thing. I believe CASA Trinity will blend into the community.”

 Tatiana Zentz, CASA Trinity Chief Program officer, said that this program will benefit the families of those struggling with addiction as well.

 “We have waited for something like this in the county for a long time,” she said. “It is a peaceful and calming place for people to come. We have to wait to get all the paperwork done, and we can open it up. We look forward to the first client we have in here. Now the clients will get the help they need from the comforts of a small town treatment center. The family will be able to come here and visit their loved ones in a peaceful place.”

Dansville Treatment Center is located at 45 Maple Street. They can be reached at 585-335-5052. For more information visit https://www.casa-trinity.org/