GENESEO — The Livingston County Democratic Committee voted at its February meeting to endorse Margaret Linsner of Livonia and Justin Hill of Avon for the Livingston County judges' race.

"We feel both of these candidates would be outstanding judges for the people of Livingston County. The combination of experience, integrity, public service, and judicial temperament they bring to this contest make both of them highly suited to the bench. We look forward to circulating their petitions and will be proud to help them in their campaigns," said Judith Hunter, the chairperson of the Committee.

Hunter went on to note how this race reflects the progress Democrats have made in Livingston County.

"In the past it has been very difficult for us to contest judicial races, but this year we not only have a full slate, we had to select among highly qualified candidates seeking our designation. We feel very good about this contest," Hunter said.

Linsner is Livonia town judge and an attorney with experience in multiple aspects of the law that come before the Livingston County Courts.

Hill is an assistant district attorney in Livingston County, tasked with prosecuting difficult cases, including child sexual abuse and domestic violence prosecutions.