DANSVILLE — Dansville Central School Superintendent Dr. Paul Alioto presented the board of education with an update on the district’s long-range strategic plan during the board’s regular meeting Jan. 22. A few days later, Dr. Alioto talked with The Express further about the progress.


In January 2017, the district brought in a consultant from the New York State School Board Association to facilitate a goal-setting workshop prior to the board meeting. The district walked away with five broad goals in the areas of Student Achievement; School Community Culture; Technology; Communication; and Facilities and Transportation.The board adopted the plan the following month.


Though the entire plan is not-yet achieved, many goals on the list are in the process of being achieved and will be done one step at a time. For example, the bus garage will need to have a roof replacement first before installation of solar panels can begin; plus the district’s effort to replace diesel buses with propane-fueled buses is on course to be achieved by 2025, among others.


Some efforts that have made progress over the past two years include items such as:


Student Achievement

Developed measurable student achievement goals for ELA and Math; worked with GCC and BOCES to design and implement new student programs; expanded early learning through 3PK and full-day UPK; earlier identification and interventions for students with special needs; conducted curriculum review and revisions; offered new elective courses for high school students; among others.


School Community Culture

Extensive adult education catalog of courses offered for the second year; began a dog-therapy training program which will be implemented full-time next year, among others.



Two Dansville teachers have been awarded fellowships with UR and National Science Foundation in a five-year program to integrate a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program throughout all grade levels, among others.



Established a new website, new Dansville app and is maintaining a robust social media presence; building-level needs-assessments were conducted last year; principals developed building-specific plans based upon faculty and staff feedback.


Facilities and Transportation

Waste management audit completed; plan for recycling developed; capital improvements for music, performing arts and transportation was approved by voters as well as neighboring property purchase was approved by voters, among others.


Overall, Alioto said he is impressed with how much progress the district has made in such a short amount of time.


“We are achieving the long-range goals of the district, and we do that because we’re steadfast, we’re determined and we’re committed,” he said, commending the teachers, support staff and administrators who have worked together to get so much done. He also said the partnership with GCC and BOCES to achieve these goals has been fantastic.

“They’ve just been great to work with,” Alioto said.