DANSVILLE — The Dansville Art Center chose a different way to do the annual student art show this year. 


The Fourth Annual Student Art Show was juried this year for the first time ever, and five awards were given out to students. The four categories were k-second, third to fifth, sixth to eighth, and ninth to 12th. There was also a People’s Choice.


Dansville ArtWorks held this awards ceremony on Jan. 26, giving the community a month to decide their favorite piece.


Board President Nicole Alioto said it was the first time they had kindergartens through seniors in the student art show.


“We are having the show go for two months this year,” she said. “Each winner got a $25 check from ArtWorks. We open this exhibit up for students in the region and homeschoolers. They can keep their eyes open for next years exhibit.”


Alioto said she was impressed with the turnout this year since it had been divided amongst Wayland Cohocton Central and Dansville Central. There was one student from York High School.


“I love that you see in every submission how creative the students are,” she said. “We offer them a way to express their talents. This is the first time the board members chose the winners as well.”


Alioto added that by having the exhibit two months it will allow the winners and families to come and see the work for another month.


The Juried Photography Show is coming up next in March, so the deadline for work is Feb. 6. Bob Oswald will be the juror for that exhibit. Open Mic is in full swing this year as well with performances every fourth Fridays. The first one is Feb. 22 with Michael Scott Smith.


Halie St. Martin, Wayland-Cohocton student and artist, said it was her second time in the exhibit.


“I love art. I want to go to college for digital media,” she said. “I like it all, but I am best at digital art. This piece was based on an assignment in art class. I chose my own idea to turn it into a story. It has a pain and heartache type theme.”


St.Martin said she has taken art classes all of her life, and she likes when they let her do her own thing.


“They set you up with a foundation, and when you are older they let you do your own thing,” she said. “I like that we have a local art center. I hope to do more here in the future.”


The winners of the first ever student art awards are: k-second first place tied, Colleen Carney and Kinleigh Lawrence; third to fifth grade first place Emily Henry; sixth to eighth grade first place Trina White, and ninth to 12th grade first place Mora Mundt. The People’s Choice went to Colleen Carney.


There were 28 Wayland-Cohocton Central students and 49 Dansville Central students. The show goes until Feb. 23.