SWAIN — The escape room craze has reached Swain Resort, testing the quick thinking and problem solving of visitors to the Nick of Time Escape Room.


Samantha Finster, Nick of Time coordinator, told Genesee Country Express that a second room has been put in place honoring a local legend. The Hairy Women of Klipnocky is a spooky escape room with special effects. 


“Right now I am in charge of the escape rooms. Celeste Schoonover is the owner of the ski resort. She decided to open an escape room, since she has always loved them,” she said. “The first escape room game was online, and now they are being built for families to enjoy.”


Finster and her co-workers had to try out both escape rooms before they were open to the public. Agent 24 is a steampunk escape room based on a James Bond theme. Hairy Women of Klipnocky is a spooky escape room based on a local legend. Both of the rooms take an hour to complete, and if the puzzle is not finished there will be consequences.


“It is best to do the escape rooms with a group of people. Everyone has something to contribute to the game,” Finster said. “Everyone needs to work together in order to complete the game in time. Everyone has so much fun with the latest room.”


Finster said the Klipnocky room is the most popular since it is based on a local ghost story.


“We like to make the rooms as challenging at we can. We hope to add a third room in the near future,” she said. “We can have up to five escape rooms in this building. It is up to Celeste what she wants to do with them.”


Finster said the coolest part about the escape rooms are the special effects.


“We see what people are interested in and go from there,” she said. “The rooms offer something more to people who might not want to ski. We are starting to be known for our escape rooms too. They are both family friendly.”


Nick of Time offers escape rooms for $25 a person or $200 to rent out the whole room. Agent 24 can have a maximum of eight people at once. Hairy Women of Klipnocky can have a maximum of 10 people at once.

For more information visit https://nickoftimeescapes.com/