DANSVILLE — K’s Canine Training Services has moved to the old Stony Brook Daycare Center on Route 36.


Owner Kaylee Lohrmann said that she wants to expand some services, and it has been her dream to have a location like this to do it.


There is a nine foot fence out back that the dogs can play in, and there is no worry of them running off. This helps with the daycare services, which allows an owner to leave their dog in care of a professional.


“I didn’t have the room to do dog daycare on Main Street,” Lohrmann said. “Right now I am renting to own this property, and I am very grateful to the owners for letting me do that. I have a separate play area from the office area now. I have a nap time area for the dogs as well.”


In the future she wants to add the title Stony Brook Dog Care to the business.


“What I am really excited about is having a tub put in for a self wash area, so people can wash their dogs at the wash station,” she said. “I am also really excited about having a drop box in place, so people can donate new or gently used dog toys, beds, and blankets to help with dog rescues.


“I really love my new spot. I still do training here, and have a couple new clients. I am still working with Dansville Central to have five therapy dogs in the schools. I want to have three in the elementary school and two in the high school.”


Lohrmann got her start in dog daycare in 2010 in South Carolina. She is glad to be going back to her roots. On average the business down south would have 62 dogs to care for.


“I have had lots of good people in the dog industry come and network with me,” she said. “That is something I really enjoy. It is nice that we all help each other out.”


The dog daycare is five days a week, and so far about 12 dogs at once.


“We keep everything clean in here, and make it as safe and fun as possible for them,” Lohrmann said. “I am hoping to have a doggy trail soon, so that we can take walks out back on my property.”


Lohrmann said that many clients, family, and friends have helped to make her dream come true. Right now other than training and daycare the new building offers Tiny Tuesday. Tiny Tuesday is every other Tuesday, and means that small breed owners can bring their dogs for a good time.


“Tiny Tuesday is an event I came up with for dogs under 20 pounds,” Lohrmann said. “They can come and play. I wanted to have an event for small dogs too.”


Lohrmann said Tiny Tuesday starts at 5:30 p.m. and its best to check her page to make sure it’s the right Tuesday.


“This building has been a farmers market, greenhouse, restaurant, ice cream shop, and children’s clothes store,” she said. “Now it will be used for my business. I am so grateful to my clients. People have really helped me a lot. You know you are good at what you do when your clients have your back.”


K’s Canine Training Services is now located at 10985 State Route 36 in Dansville. It can be reached at 585-613-8725.


For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/kscaninetrainingservices


K’s Canine Training Services networks with locals such as Susieq Dog Resq, Mahany Canine Center, Mudd N Mutts and others.