SWAIN — The Swain Ski Resort has done a lot to reinvent itself to be more than just a place to visit in the winter.

Erich Dobson, Swain Ski Resort marketing director, said a grant has come in that helped finalize the new artificial snow.

“The grant has been incredible for us. It is a really incredible opportunity to make snow faster,” he said. “We have upgraded the terrains and rails for kids sports.”

Dobson said the most busy time of the year for Swain is January and February.

“Last year we had a thaw that slowed things down for us, but March was amazing with the two storms we got,” he said. “We are open for winter sports until the second week of March.”

Dobson mentioned the service lift is like a magic carpet for the young skiers since it shows them how to get up faster. It is a quicker learning system for the youngest participants. The youngest are two years old.

“Our biggest thing in the winter is our ski clubs,” he said. “We have 65 schools that have clubs here, and over 2,000 students. We get them as far as Pennsylvania, Rochester, and even in Buffalo.”

Dobson added that the resort is always looking to grow its year round business.

“We have an overnight inn called Mountainside Inn, and we have five condos by the train tracks,” he said. “We can have over 50 people, and give them a comfortable overnight stay.”

Dobson added that the ski industry is always changing, and the resorts are always looking for ways to grow.

“We are looking to do more things in the summer time as well,” he said. “We have an Archery Festival and a Mud Run. We have Swain Ski Resort open for some festivals and winter sports for now.”

Right now the best thing about the ski resort is giving students a place to go for outdoor fun.

“The draw to skiing is different from everything else in school,” Dobson said. “They are out having fun on the slopes and staying active. School clubs love to get out there and hangout with friends on the slopes.”

Swain Ski Resort is located at 2275 County Road 24 in Swain. They can be reached at 607-545-6511. For more information visit https://swain.com