DANSVILLE — The Dansville Residential Treatment Center is nearly complete, and has started operating the outpatient side of the building.


In February the new Dansville CASA Trinity center will open its inpatient side.


John Pritchard, CASA Peer Recovery Specialist gave Genesee Country Express a tour of the new facility on 45 Maple Street.


In the front is a nice welcome center with comfortable chairs, coffee, and someone to help navigate you to where you need to be. The outpatient side has several counseling offices, seven group rooms, three doctor suites, new breakroom, two human resource offices, conference room, and a pleasant atmosphere.


“We all really enjoy the new treatment center,” Pritchard said. “This was greatly needed in Livingston County. The inpatient side is almost done, and that will be open in Mid-February.”


We got a peek behind the curtain on the residential side as well. When complete it will have a shower to wash up when you enter the area. It will have a room with four showers and three toilets. There is a laundry room onsite. The nurses station has a crisis bed for someone who needs a room overnight, or a place to go to feel safe in the day.


The women’s wing is the first half of the residential part, and the men’s wing is on the back half. There is a commons room in the middle with entertainment, kitchen, livingroom, food pantry, and a service station. There will be about four small tables to sit at for meals and conversation. In the kitchen area there will be two dishwashers, two sinks, two fridges, two freezers, and a food pantry. The serving station will be in the middle.


The Krog Group is doing all of the construction on the treatment center. Peter Conklin, The Krog Group general contractor said that this is a great use of the old West Herr building.


“This is a great use of the old building,” he said. “This treatment center is much needed in the community, and this will work well for the county.”


There will be 25 residential beds once the center is complete with six double and one single on the women’s wing, and six double on the men’s wing.


Pritchard said that the new center has been an adjustment for people in need of it, but it is a beautiful building.


“It has been an adjustment, but it is really beautiful. I love the new building,” he said. “We really needed those seven group rooms. We have AA using one room, we use a couple rooms, and the educators can use a couple rooms too all at once.”


Several support groups meet in the building, and if there is an overflow they can now open another room.


Mike Palmer Heating and Plumbing and Dansville Valley Fuel have helped on this project as well.


The Dansville Residential Treatment Center is located at 45 Maple Street. It can be reached at 585-335-5052. For more information visit https://www.casa-trinity.org/