DANSVILLE — Dansville Rotary held its 24th Annual Basketball Tournament at the Dansville Central Gymnasium.


Dansville Rotarian Jon Shay told Genesee Country Express this was their biggest, and most successful advertisement book yet.


“We all did really well getting people to put advertisements in the book this year,” he said. “People have been very good about supporting this in other towns too.”


The proceeds from the Basketball Tournament goes to several projects the club does all year.


One of the biggest is Genesee Valley Rotary Club. Another big one is the Dansville Rotary Thanksgiving Dinners.


Dansville Rotarian Jim Day has been in charge of this tournament the whole time, and has always done such a nice job.


“Jim Day has always done a nice job with the tournament,” Shay said. “The Dansville School has always been very generous with letting us use the gym. Our expense to run this is at a minimum thanks to the school.”


Dansville Central has done the tournament the entire time, and other teams from other towns have come and gone.


There have been about 50 other teams who have participated from other schools over the years.


The book is put together to be given out at the tournament, which is always well attended at the finals. It is a three night tournament with several games between the JV Basketball and Varsity Basketball teams. 


“The Dansville Rotarians are very good about donating time to the tournament,” Shay said. “By the time it is done all of the members have taken at least one shift.”


Shay said it always depends on the teams competing, and how far their fans are willing to travel for the turnout.


“Dansville’s fans are always really good about supporting the team,” he said. “Most of the teams get good support from their towns.”


Shay said that he is very thankful to all the people and businesses who took part in the book this year.