ARKPORT — The Dansville-Keshequa varsity wrestling team grappled their way to an impressive second-place finish on Saturday (Dec. 8) at the annual Arkport-Canaseraga Duals.

Coach Jack Cook was quite proud of the accomplishment for his team who went 8-1 as a team for the weekend.

Outstanding accomplishments were turned in on the mats by Trey Learn (Keshequa, 9-0), Gavin Hart (Dansville, 7-2 with seven pins), Levi Howe (Keshequa 8-1 with six pins), Michael Adams (Dansville, 8-1 with five pins), and Karam Ali (Dansville, 8-1). 

Rush-Henrietta dominated the two-day Arkport Holiday Duals, coming away with a perfect 9-0 record in order to take first place.

“Having Rush-Henrietta is great because every other team knows that when they face Rush, they have to be ready to go. And sometimes you might think a big school would come down here and be a little arrogant, but that’s never been a problem with them. They have a great program with a great group of kids,” said Arkport/Canaseraga coach Tom Perry.

Arkport/Canaseraga came in 10th place.

“All of the local coaches really get along, and it’s great to have all of the local schools come together here. There are a lot of really fun rivalries here, and it’s great to be able to get a jab in here or there regardless of whether you win or lose,” said A/C assistant coach Tom Perry.

While Arkport/Canaseraga does not have the biggest schools or a ton of gymnasium space, the Holiday Duals always draws some of the best competition in the state. And that’s why local teams, as well as teams like Rush and Odessa Montour, repeatedly come back every single year.

“I was happy to get the win last week in Avoca, but the competition here is on another level. Owen House finally got to wrestle. People have been ducking him to start the year, but this weekend he finally got to wrestle and show us what he’s made of,” said Drake. “To go 7-2 on the weekend at this tournament, I’m very happy.”

“We have a waiting list, and one coach told us, we have a waiting list because of well-run this tournament is. The teams know that when they get here, they have to be ready to go,” said Perry. “And we have a team like Odessa Mountour come down, which is a bit of a drive, and they come down and stay in a hotel on Friday night. They plan for it every year, and they told me that they are coming back until we tell them that they can’t anymore. So that’s always nice to hear.”

As always, Arkport/Canaseraga coach Tom Perry was sure to thank all of the people who help put on such a great event, specifically the two school districts and the booster club that runs the concession stand.

“The schools are behind us 100-percent. It’s two days, and all I ever hear is that they will do whatever it takes to get this done,” said Arkport/Canaseraga assistant Tom Perry. “When we set up and take down, the school is here every step of the way. And now, Canaseraga is there right along with us as well. Also, the booster club needs a big thank you. They run the concession stand, they get the trophies and they get the money. They are a big, big help when it comes to running all of this.”