DANSVILLE — For 20 years the Dansville Rotary Club has provided the community with free Thanksgiving dinners.


The first dinners were held at the old Brae Burn where dinners were served in the spacious Dining room at BB along with take outs and deliveries. The first year, 180 dinners were distributed. After a few years when Brae Burn changed hands the club moved to the Moose Club for two years assisted by Walt Pfuntner.


Each year the numbers grew and once Brae Burn was purchased by Chris Ramsey the effort was moved back there with the former chef, Steve Crary, donating his time to make this function possible. By then there was takeouts and deliveries only, no dining in. For the past three years the dinner has been prepared by Kent Rounsville, his wife Alise, Dave and Sherrie Roberts with lots of help from Rotarians, family members and students and community members. This year the total reached 430 dinners being delivered or picked up at the Union Hose Club Rooms. Obviously a huge undertaking with this many meals it is shocking to see how smooth and seamless the effort to dish up and distribute this many meals really is!


The help from the community is unbelievable to run two service lines and deliver the bulk of the meals. Out of the 430 meals, 360 were deliveries and all this was accomplished in 45 minutes.


Special thanks to Mr. Kent, as he is affectionately referred to at GVRC, and his crew, along with the Union Hose for allowing use of their club rooms, for making all this possible. The Rotary Club takes pride in being able to provide this service to our community.