WAYLAND — The Wayland Historical Society held a Pioneers Day event at the museum for fourth graders to understand the importance of history.


On Nov. 15 Cohocton and Wayland fourth graders came to the museum to listen to Ward Hartenstein talk about inventions.


WHS Member Marian Crawford has always coordinated this event for local children to enjoy the way things used to be a hundred years ago.


“We talk to the students about this history of the museum, so they can see how important it is to preserve what life was like a hundred years ago,” she said. “It is important to study what life was like long ago. Anthropologists dig up what life was like long ago, and use it to show how people lived. We want to encourage the students to bring their parents back to the museum.”


Hartenstein allowed the students to be part of the fun by sharing his inventions with them to make an orchestra of different sounds. He also showed them what an old fashioned food processor was like.


“You have been learning some exciting new inventions, and exploring what history was like long ago,” he said. “Here we are in a history museum. History is what we know about the past, how people lived, and events that happened long ago. A museum is a place where we gather information and objects to share with our community.”


Hartenstein shared the purpose of a history museum in your community.


“As you walk through this museum you can imagine how people lived in the past,” he said. “Imagine a hundred years from now a group of fourth graders comes to the historical museum, and they see smartphones, computers, and televisions. They will say’ look at all this old stuff. I can’t believe people lived like this. They even had to drive their own cars.'”


Hartenstein said by looking into the past we learn about ourselves, and what our lives are today.


“You can imagine the future by looking at these things, because all of these artifacts had a purpose in that time frame,”he said. “It all mattered in the daily lives of people, and our world is full of objects that do the same thing for us.”


Hartenstein showed the fourth graders the importance of using their imagination in the world.


“People have always invented things to make life easier and to entertain,” he said. “I like to make an orchestra out of junk. One things humans like to do is create new ways to use materials. Most of these objects are made out of plastic, metal, and wood.”