DANSVILLE — It was a musical night at the art center as several talented musicians played some favorite tunes for the community.


Colleen Liggett and John Kerr were the featured entertainers of the evening, and they played folk tunes. They also taught some of the audience how to line dance in the old fashioned way.


Kerr’s entire family are professional musicians, and his wife, Colleen is a professional musician as well. The couple has been performing folk music together for many years.


“We love learning Scottish folk songs, since we are both Scottish. We go to Scottish Music Sessions in Rochester and Irish Music Sessions also,” Liggett said. “A lot of the Scottish and Irish musicians play in the city.”


Kerr said that his mother was an organist in the church his father was a minister at. He enjoys playing the fiddle, banjo, guitar, and mandolin.


Michael Smith was among the open mic participants who played a couple of his own songs, such as Left Arm Charlie and The Sofa Song.


Claude Wray of The Wray Family Band did a few classic country covers during the open mic portion as well.

Those who had fun with the dancing part of the night learned some line dancing, and some Charles Dickens dancing.