ROCHESTER — More and more females are starting to take on male dominated sports, and this has been an inspiration for little girls everywhere.


Louisiana-native Kayla Blood has taken on motorsports by storm, and is proving that females can be just as good at extreme sports as males.


Blood grew up in the country, and has always enjoyed the outdoor sports. She got invested in motorsports a few years ago, but recently got involved with Monster Jam.


“I never thought I would see myself in my own Monster Jam Truck,” she said. “I have always been interested in motosports. I grew up in the country, and played with my three wheelers in the mud.”


El Toro Loco is Blood’s pride and joy as it flies through the air, and crashes into other monster trucks on the way down. It is a huge crazy bull that blows a lot of smoke as it flings into the air.


“We have so many females who come into this sport, and they all have different personalities,” she said. “After awhile we all become more like family. I usually have two other females on tour with me, but it is still a male dominated sport.”


Blood said that when she does make it to these Monster Jam events she loves the meet and greet part with the fans.


“It is always a hard fought battle, but it feels really awesome bringing that trophy out for the little girls to see,” she said. “When people underestimate how good I am at motorsports that really fuels me. I feel like we are really opening the doors for women in motorsports.”


Blood, her husband, and six-year-old son are a huge motorsport family. She believes her son will get into the sport when he is a little older.


“I did MMA and after I was done with the fights I got into motocross,” she said. “I have always been very competitive, and I give all that I have to the sport. I have won championships, and that got me where I am today.”


The part that seems to upset children the most at these events is the roll-over, but Blood said that it is very safe for the drivers. Once you get locked up in your seat you are not going anywhere.


“I always tell little girls that are interested in getting into motorsports that they can do it too,” she said. “Once one door opens in this sport another one opens soon after. No one expects a girl to go an race, but if you have that passion and fire in you to do it you should.”


“I put my heart into everything I have ever done,” Blood continued. “I put everything I have into the motorsports. I feel everything you do in life makes you who you want to be. I have been in the military, and fought for my country. I did track in college, but it was financially hard for me to keep up with college. I didn’t find any jobs around town, so I had to change my direction. I walked away from school, and I am doing something I really love.”


Monster Jam has been a dream come true for Blood and other females like her. 


Monster Jam is at the Blue Cross Arena from Nov. 16 to 18 with tickets available at


Right before the show on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to noon, there is a meet the riders event with the fans.