DANSVILLE — Per request of the Livingston County E911 Center, the Village of Dansville Board of Trustees approved renaming two street extensions.


At the beginning of 2019, Elizabeth Street Extension will become Applin Way; and Seward Street Extension will become Bunnell Lane. The reason for the name changes is to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding among emergency dispatchers and personnel.


There is already an Elizabeth Street, and a Seward Street (and those names will not change), but the difference between ‘Street’ and ‘Extension,’ and the miscommunication it could cause, could be a life-saver. So changes were requested.


The Village decided on the new street names based on prominent figures who once lived there.


Applin Way is named after Dick Applin, a World War II veteran who passed away last year. He had served the community in a variety of ways including having been a village trustee and deputy mayor, as well as zoning officer for the Village of Dansville and Town of North Dansville. He was also a life member of Daniel Goho American Legion Post where he had been a post commander. He was also a life member of Jackson Hose Co.


Bunnell Lane is named after Asa Bunnell (A.O. Bunnell), who was a prominent Dansville newspaper owner, editor and publisher for nearly 50 years during the later part of the 19th Century and into the 20th. He was an ardent local historian, whose 1902 comprehensive history of Dansville is still talked about and sought after among local historians to this day (though long out of print). He was inducted into the Dansville Area Historical Society’s Hall of Fame in 1989.


“I thought, people don’t hear these names much anymore,” Mayor Peter Vogt said of Bunnell, adding that when he was going through school, students were taught the names of Dansville’s most prominent historical figures.

Notification of the name changes are being sent to Dansville’s code office, Livingston County E911 Center, Dansville Post Office and the affected residents.