ARKPORT— In a macabre story about 19th century pig farmers who traveled here from Germany, the locals must find the secrets they left buried at FitzPatrick’s Farm and Deli.


Expressive Ink Owner Jimmy Sinsebox and FitzPatrick’s Farm and Deli Co-owner Cj Fitzpatrick gave Genesee Country Express a tour of the Twisted Tales of Terror.


As the story goes a group of German pig farmers came over into Arkport seeking land. They found an old farmstead, and would began turning it into their own shop of horrors. The Van Yager Clan was known for their sadistic brutality, and the legend goes that all who dare enter their unholy realm might never be seen or heard of again. Claus Van Yager is the evil leader of the clan. His rage puts all the others under his spell. Dr. Ivan and Jacob are brothers. They take turns in terrorizing the locals who enter their portal. You will meet little Amelia, but I warn you to not allow her charm to fool you. Of course there is Granny in the kitchen who is always in need of fresh meat for her stew.


Sinsebox has done all the special effects, makeup, and storyline for this Haunted House. The amount of work that he put into this attraction is a labor of love for Halloween.


“It was already a scary time in the early 1800s, so I just did some research on the area,” Sinsebox said. “I really love that this story has taken on a life of its own. I planned this for about three years. There is a lot of thought that went into this storyline, and I think the best reward I get is seeing how much people enjoy it. It takes you back to the old school horror of Halloween.”


Sinsebox said that he has always been a huge fan of Halloween, and that he enjoys doing all the work that goes into making this attraction come to life.


There are about 30 actors and actresses who take part in this legend, and lots of the costumes are things they already had. If anyone is interested in being a part of it, there is always a place for them in the Haunted House.


“This is getting to be way more popular, and we are getting better and better every time,” Sinsebox said. “The more support we get from the community the better we do. It is great to bring people out to the country, and let them have a really good time. We want to give everyone the best experience we can.”


There is a hayride that brings you from the greenhouse, past the cornfield, and to the Haunted House. Everyone must check in at the greenhouse, and enjoy some entertainment while they wait. They are taken up in groups of two, and one group at a time enters the portal to time. This allows a more personal experience of the Twisted Tales of Terror.


“We are bringing you the traditional horror of a good story, and soaking you in the original Halloween scares,” Sinsebox said. “We try to provide as much as we can for the actors, but if they have a lot to help us we usually work with it.”


The scenes in the attraction are all from Sinsebox’s mind, and they all have something to do with the storyline.


Most of what you see this year is completely new, and Sinsebox hopes that the same will be for next year when he focuses on Chapter Three.


“Almost 80 percent of what you see is new for Chapter Two,” he said. “We want to keep improving as we go, and we want to be bigger and better next year.”


Janet Graham, Sinsebox's mother, said that she plays the storyteller at the start of the portal.


“This is the first haunted house I have seen that really tells a story,” she said. “This year is about the evil leader of the clan. I really love what my son is doing here.


“Jimmy is very talented, and has always had a passion for this kind of thing,” Graham continued. “There are so many haunted houses that are not like ours. This haunted house is very unique.”


Graham said this is her son’s dream come true, and she is very happy to be part of it.


“Jimmy is very artistic and has always loved horror stories,” she said. “This is a dream come true for him to have his own haunted house. His art and imagination really comes to life here.”


Twisted Tales of Terror is open Friday and Saturday starting at 7 p.m. Tickets to get in are $10. It is located at FitzPatrick’s Farm and Deli at 8637 Route 36 in Arkport.