DANSVILLE — The Dansville Rotary Club has worked for several years on making the community a safe and clean place.


On Oct. 27 at 8:45 a.m. the organizations and community helpers will meet at the North Dansville Town Hall.


Rotary Member Jon Shay talked to Genesee Country Express about the importance of a community-wide clean-up.


“This is a combined effort with the Rotary and village to do a community clean-up,” he said. “We focus on the highways coming into and leaving Dansville. We do the Route 36 (Hornell Road), Route 63 (Groveland Road), Route 256, and Route 63 (Wayland Road).”


Shay said that the Dansville Boy Scouts plan on cleaning Babcock Park that day, and he encourages other youth organizations to get involved in cleaning the local parks.


“We can’t let them help us clean the highways for safety reasons, but there are several local parks that need to be cleaned,” Shay said. “We are open to suggestions from other youth groups that want to help.”


There will be a big dumpster behind the North Dansville Town Hall that can be used for anyone helping with the community clean-up.


For many years the Dansville Rotary Club has done clean-up on Route 36 from Logan’s Inn to Stony Brook. If they get enough volunteers they tackle Route 63 from the bus garage to Parker Hill Road.


“I have been sending letters to churches and the Lions Club to see if we can get any other groups to help,” Shay said. “We like to do this community clean-up twice a year. We do it in the fall, and at the end of April. We want to get the community ready for Dogwood Festival and Winter in the Village.”


The Interstate 390 exits are the worst as far as litter and trash are concerned. There is a strong need for clean-up by these exits as well.


“We would like to encourage store owners to clean up behind the buildings,” Shay said. “For many of these Main Street stores the back is the entrance to the store. They can pick up the trash and use the dumpster all weekend.”


Under 18-year-old helpers need to stick to working at the parks for safety reasons, but those 18 and older can help elsewhere. Heavy duty trash bags will be provided. It is highly recommended you bring gloves.


Please contact Jon Shay if you are interested in helping with community clean-up at 585- 370-0733.