WAYLAND — The Wayland Rotary Club has been working on making improvements at the park through grants.


The Wayland Village Board Members, highway and streets department, and Michael Landino have come together to create a new sidewalk for the park.


There are lights up on the Wayland Rotary Club pavilion along with handicap benches to help make it a nicer place for gatherings.


“The village helped me put this together,” Landino said. “I formed the cement, and they helped me pour it. Liz Dean (Rotary member) is a super lady. We got this done in about five days, because of the rain.”


Landino said this kind of thing has been a long time coming for the village and the park.


Matt McCarthy, Wayland Village maintenance supervisor, said his men worked with Landino on putting the sidewalk in for easier access to the pavilion.


“The board approved for the village to work on it. We designed the sidewalk together,” he said. “The old one was getting bad in some places, so we had to dig it up and replace it. We finished the project in time for the Springwater Wayland EMS Family Day.”


McCarthy said anyone in the community can use the pavilion, which allows handicap access now.


McCarthy added he would like to do more work to making the park a better place for the community.


Dean said that she is very thankful to the village, Landino, and the grant for making this possible.


“We needed this new sidewalk to help with wheelchair access,” she said. “I am very thankful to everyone who helped out on this project.”


Aimee Campbell, Wayland Village trustee, is in charge of the parks and recreation, so she was pleased with the project.


“One of the things I oversee as a trustee is the parks. We all worked together to make this happen,” she said. “I am happy with what has been done so far.”