WAYLAND — The Wayland community came out to help one of its own who has found out she has cancer.


Bobbie O’Neal got the horrible news on March 29 that she has Breast Cancer. O’Neal has a husband, Bob, and two teen daughters, Nadia and Alexis. She had a double mastectomy done, and has had chemotherapy. She still needs to get reconstruction surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment done.


“If it wasn’t for my dad I would’ve lost my business,” she said. “I can’t be out there too long. My dad has really stepped up, and has done everything for me. My husband has been there for me through all of this. I couldn’t ask for a better man.


“I grew up in Atlanta and my husband is from Wayland. I think it is amazing that these small towns are there for one another,” O’Neal continued. “We all come together, and I like that about this community.”


It took three months to plan the cancer benefit, but on Sept. 22 the Wayland American Legion donated the hall for the event. Nadia and Bob did a lot of the planning for this event.


Jody Adams, Bobbie’s sister, said that her brother-in-law did most of the work for the event.


“The Legion told us we could have the event here, and we put together a bake sale and tickets to help Bobbie. There are about 130 baskets and gift cards donated from local businesses. All of the money will go to help Bobbie.”


Adams said that ice fishing season is coming up, and Bobbie’s live bait shop is a one of a kind in the community.


“My sister will leave the bait there for them if they want to come early, and trusts them to leave the money,” she said. “When you call the shop you always talk to her, and she is willing to supply the customers with special bait.”


Adams added that this small town has done a lot for her family since the house fire that claimed her mother’s home, and her sister getting Breast Cancer.


“Bobbie is my best friend. We are only 16 months apart, so I always say we are Irish Twins,” she said. “It is hard when you find out your baby sister has cancer. Your

sister is your first friend. I would do anything for her. As a nurse I know this side of the cancer, and I don’t want it to happen to my family.”


Adams said that her sister had to be brought back in for emergency surgery due to intense bleeding.


“If not for Bob my sister would’ve died. He knew something was wrong with her, and he took her back to the hospital,” Adams said. “Those two have always been a team. They just had their 20th Wedding Anniversary.”


Adams mentioned in order to make it special they recreated the wedding at their parents home for Bobbie and Bob O’Neal.


Bobbie O’Neal owns the Tell Em Where You Got It Shop located at 2768 Route 21 Wayland.