DANSVILLE — It was a highly successful night for Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe as he held a meet and greet session at the Dansville Fish and Game Club on Sunday. 


The community reached out to the candidate for the Governor of New York about three main topics: the NY Safe Act, health care, and farm laws.


Sharpe, a Marine Corp of Manhattan, is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and politician. Sharpe started off by talking about his strengths in speaking from the heart, and how he is not ashamed to be open and honest with people.


“I am a businessman, that is who I am. I am not here to pay off my cronies,” he said. “I am shocked at how broken we are, that people vote because I’m the only guy you believe in.”


Sharpe said he has a lot of ideas on how to fix the problems of the last 30 years, but he admits he won’t be able to do this in a year. He wants to turn the state around and heading on the right track.


“We are in a world now where you have two parties fighting back and forth,” Sharpe said. “It needs to end. We need to fix it. Here is how we fix it. Stop accepting status quo. We as a state should be embarrassed. We are losing 100,000 New Yorkers every year. I can’t change it tomorrow, but I can turn it around. If people have hope they won’t leave the state.”


Sharpe is hoping to make history and put a third party candidate in the governor's mansion. 


“I am getting people no one else can get,” he said. “Every time I am at these fairs we have voter registration forms we are handing out. I have people tell me that they have never voted before, but they are going to vote for me. This is a winnable race.”


Sharpe said he will take on the big bullies in government who want to tell everyone how to educate their children, run their business, and manage their farms. Sharpe said that this election is like climbing Mount Everest, and he wants to climb it together with NY voters. 


Sharpe wants to repeal the NY Safe Act and eliminate the Red Flag Laws. The Red Flag Laws allow family members, teachers, or law enforcement to seek a court order to temporarily restrict people’s access to firearms when they show “red flags” that they are a danger to themselves or others. The NY Safe Act strongly regulates the use of firearms, and has been in effect since 2013.


Sharpe mentioned how these laws are taking away the rights of the Second Amendment, and he would pardon all those who are victims of the NY Safe Act. Sharpe said understands the fear people have of firearms due to mass shootings, but he wants people to understand this is not a gun problem.


“School shootings are not caused by guns killing kids. It is the lack of purpose, community, and loneliness that kills kids. These are public suicides, and we need to figure out how to stop it,” he said. “The culture needs to change. We need to have happier kids. We want them to stop killing each other. We don’t want to turn schools into jails.”


Sharpe said that in every school shooting case they are highly planned out, and there is always online chatter. Often it is the school shooters are targeting the children they don’t like.


“I think if we made it unplannable it would stop the killings,” he said. “I want to give teachers who have legal firearm permits the ability to carry a concealed firearm. That way these shooters couldn’t plan the mass shooting. They wouldn’t know which teachers are armed, and they wouldn’t do school shootings anymore.”


Sharpe said that health care and health insurance are two separate issues, though they are often combined in our minds.


“The system is broken. Health care will make you pay whether you have insurance or not,” he said. “Transparency is what matters most. Right now it is a consumer driven market. It is divided among the doctors who take insurance and the doctors who don’t.”


“My goal is to keep you all healthy,” Sharpe continued. “I want to let healers heal, and make it so doctors that want to help can.”


Sharpe mentioned how he wants to change the way medicaid handles the ambulances. Many of them are used as taxis, and this is not fair for the EMTs or the people who are actually in need of medical assistance.


Sharpe wants farmers to get a fair shake, as many family operations are dying. He wants to help the small business and small farmers keep thriving. Sharpe said all the government cares about nowadays is old Wall Street money, and they are not giving anyone a chance for new ideas.


"We are already seeing what believing in new ideas can do in the brewing craft beverage industry. This is becoming very successful in our state," he said.


Sharpe wants dairy farmers to be allowed to make craft cheese, yogurt, or other dairy products. He wants farmers who want to grow hemp or cannabis to be allowed to do it in order to help those who suffer from chronic pain.


“I want happy New Yorkers,” he said. “The youth will come back, because it is new and exciting, and they want to be part of it.”


Sharpe has another Meet and Greet at Mulconry’s Irish Pub at 17 Liftbridge Ln. in Fairport on Sept. 20 from 5 to 7 p.m.


For more information on Larry Sharpe and his ideas for New York visit https://www.larrysharpe.com