MOUNT MORRIS — It was a solemn moment as 200 people showed up to honor the dedication ceremony of a 9/11 Memorial in Veterans Park.


On Sept. 11 at 9:11 a.m. the Mount Morris Fire Department unveiled the monument, which holds a steel piece of Ground Zero. Among the 200 people who participated in this ceremony were a New York City police officer who was there on Sept. 11, 2001, as well as the Groveland, Nunda, Rochester, and Cuylerville fire departments.


William D’Angelo, Mount Morris Fire Department member, told Genesee Country Express about this historic moment.


“We had this steel artifact for so long at the fire hall, and we were waiting to use it for a memorial on the new building. We have waited over 24 years for a new fire department base,” he said. “We were given the steel artifact from Ground Zero in 2011. We decided to put it in Veterans Park instead.”


D’Angelo said this is a complete and historic memorial to all the service members who lost their lives that day.


“The New York City police officer who was at Ground Zero came to our ceremony. He was the first person to show up at the dedication before we had anything set up,” he said. “We had Kevin Niedermaier of Livingston County EMS, Mount Morris Honor Society, and several other organizations.”


Image Out Graphics of Perry was the one to make the plaque for under $100 to honor the memorial.


“This plaque looks so nice that I think it will last 20 years before we need to replace it,” D’Angelo said. “We had a nice blend of people at the ceremony today. We had veterans actually come up to us and thank us for our service, which it is usually the other way around. It was incredible to look at that piece of metal and know that it was standing at Ground Zero.”


Everyone walked to the monument and enjoyed a moment of silence as they reflected on that day.


This 9/11 Memorial is registered on the 9/11 Memorial website and will get nationally recognized as a place to honor the fallen. You can find it on


“For a long time no one was running a memorial on 9/11, so this is the first time the fire department is doing this, and the first dedication ceremony on the same day,” D’Angelo said. “Our fire department has been around for 166 years, and we were the ones with the highest amount of townspeople to go into World War II. There is a lot of history in this town.”


The 9/11 Memorial is smaller than the other monuments in Veterans Park, but it still holds bravery, courage, and patriotism in the steel.

Mount Morris Veterans Park is located at 185 Main Street. People from all over come to this park, and now they will see a piece of Ground Zero.