DANSVILLE — The Holy Family Catholic Community has worked on bringing a better way of life to an African village.


The Kenya School Project has been a labor of love that has enriched the lives of girls and boys since 2011. It is nearly complete, but still needs some donations. They are working on building a computer lab, purchasing a couple more acres of land, building a resource room, and building a cafeteria.


On Sept. 1 there was a yard sale at St. Mary Parish in honor of this project.


Mary Kuhlmann, Holy Family Catholic Community Member, said that the school has had several students graduate, and some even went to college.


The Kenya community has many artists who have donated several works of art to be sold at the festivals for proceeds to the project.


All of the money raised goes right back into the school, so you have the villagers taking part in its creation as well.


This project is near and dear to the hearts of the The Holy Family Catholic Community, and there have been many testimonies from the students who are grateful. There are photos, stories, and inspiration found on the website pertaining to The Kenya School Project.


The handmade Kenya items are sold at the Cohocton Fall Foliage Festival in front of St. Pius Catholic Church, Winter in the Village in Dansville, and Christmas in the Village in Wayland.


Some new items this year are the see no evil, hear no evil monkeys, oval soapstone bowls, and leather bookmarks.


“They do such a beautiful job hand carving these items,” Kuhlmann said. “We are supporting the entrepreneurs in Africa as well as building a school. We are helping them to be a better established community.”


Kuhlmann said that the women in Kenya are in such horrible poverty, and they try to get out of it by making these works of art.


There are stories of girls coming back to the village to make it a better way of life for their people after graduating.


“They are very grateful and very happy to be going to school,” Kuhlmann said. “We have all been part of this school project since the beginning. This is something we are all very proud to be a part of.”


The letters sent to the catholic community by the students have been a blessing, and they document how well they are doing, and what life was like before the school.


To see how the project has influenced so many young boys and girls visit http://www.hfccstjosephine.org

To make a donation mail checks to Holy Family Catholic Community 206 Fremont St. Wayland Ny 14572. Put on the memo line Attn. Kenya School Project.