DANSVILLE — In an effort to give back to local veterans, one company donates every year.


Valley Fuel General Manager Bill LaVallee is proud to give back to the veterans every year, but this time they chose to do something a little different.


On Aug. 17, Valley Fuel donated to Operation Build Up and the Wayland American Legion.


Normally the propane and fuels company donates to legions, VFWs, and other veteran-type organizations. This year they wanted to reach out to Operation Build Up. Operation Build Up is an organization that gives back to veterans as well.


The organization helps other veterans by buying and fixing up cars to give away.


LaVallee said it was something different this year, and he really likes what Operation Build Up does for veterans.


“They are doing unique things for veterans over there,” he said. “When veterans come back there is so much suicide and homelessness. These guys are helping them transition, and giving them vehicles.”


LaVallee said he wants to get to know Operation Build Up a little better.


“I want to meet some of the people,” he said. “It makes sense to use our Warrior Truck for this.”


LaVallee said the Wayland American Legion is near and dear to his heart, so he will always make a donation to them.


“The Wayland Legion is near and dear to my heart. It is all because of what Kevin does there. He is filled with passion for other veterans,” he said. “It is nice to give back to veterans.”


Post 402 Commander Kevin Mark said this donation will go to Wayland Area Veterans Aid and the East Wayland Cemetery.


“We are going to earmark some of this money for the East Wayland Cemetery,” he said. “It is a very old cemetery, and a lot of the gravestones need to be reconstructed. There are Revolutionary War veterans buried there, and we even have one from the Battle of Gettysburg.”


Mark said that the Wayland American Legion has always been about helping veterans.


“There are a lot of vets who need help in the Wayland area, and they know they can come to us,” he said. “I really love what we do. I love helping veterans. It goes a long way.”


Mark mentioned that the Valley Fuel donation is very helpful, and he hopes it doesn’t go away anytime soon.


LaVallee said that they will always preserve the Warrior Truck, and that it means a lot to the company. That truck has helped the company grow to be very successful.


Mark said that Operation Build Up represents a newer generation of veterans helping other veterans.


On Nov. 4 there will be a Socialtique at the Wayland American Legion with antiques being auctioned off for a worthy cause. Time is to be determined.


Veterans can also get a five cents off a gallon discount at Valley Fuel in Dansville.


To learn more about Valley Fuel visit https://www.valley-fuels.com/ To Learn more about Operation Build Up visit https://www.operationbuildup.com

To Learn more about Wayland American Legion visit https://www.facebook.com/legionpost402