MOUNT MORRIS — Livingston County has unveiled plans for a new trail at Al Lorenz Park in Mt. Morris, set to be completed by a mobile work crew and a team of summer employees in the Livingston County Central Services Office.

“The new trail is designed with the goal of encouraging physical exercise,” said Livingston County Environmental Health Director Mark D. Grove. “The creation of the new trail will link the already-existing Genesee Valley Greenway and Finger Lakes Trail, thus creating a comprehensive trail network in Al Lorenz Park.”

A section of the trail is set to be completed by the fall, with the rest finished as funding becomes available.

Al Lorenz Park is an 80-acre county park in Mt. Morris, located between the Genesee River and Letchworth State Park. Facilities located in the park include four open pavilions, two gazebos, a 1.5-acre mowed field, numerous ponds and biking and walking trails. The acreage was acquired by Livingston County and became the County’s first park on July 14, 1974.

The park is open to the public from May 1 through Sept. 30. For more detailed park hours visit