GENESEO — The Livingston County Sheriff's Office is advising residents of the return of a utility bill phone scam.

Recently, residents have alerted authorities that they are receiving calls by phone advising their electric bill is delinquent and if they do not pay in ten minutes, the power would be terminated. The scammer then asks you to provide money over the phone via credit card or send them money via gift cards.

Please know this is a known scam and hang up on the caller(s) and then call your utility provider to verify your account.

“I encourage any resident to call your Sheriff’s Office at 585-243-7100 before providing any money over the phone or email to any solicitor,” stated Sheriff Dougherty. “I would much rather you call for a Deputy Sheriff to come out to your home and verify who is on the other end of the phone or computer before you provide any type of payment. If the caller/sender is legit then it will be a quick report for us but most times these are scams and I do not want you out of your hard earned money.”

The scammers tend to prey on our senior citizens in hopes they will be more vulnerable and willing to provide them money. Family members are necouraged to have conversations about these scams with their loved ones.