DANSVILLE — Myst Haven Farms put on a spinning demonstration at Dansville ArtWorks for the Chalk Walk and Art Festival on Aug. 4.


Whitnie Hill, of Myst Haven Farms, did a demonstration of spinning sheep, yak, and Alpaca wool into yarn on a spinning wheel and spindle.


Hill has her own animals on the farm, which she shears and collects fur for the yarn. There is a lot of material she recycles on the farm for the projects as well.


“It all started with me love for knitting. I also really love history, and making gifts for people. I wanted to learn the old fashion way of spinning yarn,” she said. “I taught myself how to make yarn.”


Once the fur is sheared off the animals it is filled with debris, hay, and oils that need to be combed out.

“Once you have it combed out you comb against the fiber to take it off the brush,” Hill said. “You roll the fur into a ball, and pull at it to line it up. Once you have that you can start spinning it.”


Hill loved to knit, crochet, and make other projects, but she has only been spinning for about a year now.


“I really love the old way of doing things. It was more simple back then,” she said. “I love the idea of working with something in my hands from start to finish.”


Hill said that they use everything on the farm, butcher their own animals for meat, make their own yarn, hunt, fish, and make gifts for family and friends.


Hill added that she enjoys showing her nieces and nephews from the city how to work on a real farm.


“It is really important with kids these days to show them where everything comes from,” she said. “I send a lot of gifts up to my sister who lives in the city. I love to watch the awe on the kids faces when they come to my farm. They see a different way of life. It is really cool to combine the different worlds.”

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