A New York State Education Department error in calculating some federal aid to public schools for the 2017-18 year resulted in the overpayment of $12 million to 278 districts and a $12 million underpayment to 687 public school districts, including many locally.

The $12 million incorrect allocation represents approximately 7.8 percent of the $153 million provided to school systems in New York state in the 2017-18 school year, officials said. The mistake resulted in underpayments in federal Title II, Part A funding for most of the public schools in Allegany and Steuben counties for the 2017-18 budget year.

Title II, Part A funds support professional development for teachers, principals, and other school leaders. Districts that received less than they should have will receive the correct amount this year, plus the difference from last year.

“The State Education Department regrets this error and any undue burden it may place on schools. We are taking immediate steps to correct it and ensure it does not happen again, including strengthening our internal controls,” the Education Department said in a statement released Friday.

The over-funding primarily went to charter schools, state officials said, as they announced the error and explained the process for implementing corrective action. Few if any local schools appear to have received more funding than they were entitled to. Charter schools that received overpayments will pay the money back over four years.

According to the Education Department, in 2018-19, each district that received less than its share of the funds in 2017-18 will receive its correct 2018-19 allocation, plus its under-allocation amount up to $130,728. Using this approach in 2018-19, 682 school districts, or 99 percent of under-allocated districts, will receive full reimbursement for the funds under-allocated in 2017-18.

Generally, most of the local districts impacted received underpayments of 7-9 percent of the Title II, Part A funding, according to state education officials.

The Hornell City School District’s underpayment was $9,206, or about 9 percent of the funding it should have received. The $9,206 will be added to Hornell’s 2018-19 allocation of $99,219, resulting in the district receiving $108,425 this year.

The Wellsville Central School District’s 2017-18 underpayment was $7,026, or 9.1 percent. That amount will be added to the $70,231 the school district is due for 2018-19, resulting in a total amount to be received of $77,257.

Alfred-Almond’s under allocation for 2017-18 was $2,641. That number will be added to the district’s 2018-19 base amount of $31,543, resulting in funding of $34,184 this year.

Listed below are the school districts in the region that received an under allocation of federal funding for the 2017-18 academic year. The dollar amounts next to the district names represents the re-calculated Title II, Part A funding the districts will receive for 2018-19. The dollar amounts are not how much the schools were under allocated, but rather the under payment amount plus what the districts are entitled to under the correct 2018-19 formula.

Addison Central School, $72,793; Alfred-Almond Central School, $34,184; Andover, $17,770; Arkport Central School, $20,489; Avoca Central School, $25,731; Bath-Haverling Central School, $82,345; Belfast Central School, $25,115; Bolivar-Richburg Central School, $40,439; Bradford Central School, $15,402; Campbell-Savona Central School, $37,564; Canaseraga Central School, $11,913; Canisteo-Greenwood Central School, $46,877; Corning, $195,229; Cuba-Rushford Central School, $54,308; Dalton-Nunda, $32,083; Dansville Central School, $82,346; Fillmore Central School, $51,112; Friendship Central School, $21,612; Genesee Valley Central School, $34,364; Hornell City Schools, $108,425; Jasper-Troupsburg Central School, $58,604; Livonia Central School, $54,405; Scio Central School, $17,722; Wayland-Cohocton Central School, $66,763; Wellsville Central School, $77,257; Whitesville Central School, $10,204.