DANSVILLE — Dansville Wireless Zone held its Second Annual School Rocks Giveaway with great success Sunday.


On July 22 the store gave away 75 backpacks filled with school supplies. Last year they had 100 backpacks given away within the first 15 minutes. This year it was a little less of a rush.


Dansville Wireless Zone General Manager Josh Chavez said there was a steady flow of participants this year, and the backpacks were kept on display outside for the children to choose from.


“We didn’t have the bounce house or fire trucks this year,” he said. “We were really busy inside as well that day. We had chips and drinks, and we had some tables set up outside.”


Chavez said that the main focus was on the children, and giving back to the community this year.


There were just enough backpacks for everyone who participated this year.


“People really like when you are doing something for the kids,” he said. “They all appreciated getting a free backpack.”


Each child was able to pick their own backpack for kindergarten to 12th graders.


“It was a really beautiful day for this,” Chavez said. “We wanted to make sure the child was picking out the backpack, because this event is all about them.”


Another thing the Dansville Wireless Zone is looking forward to bringing to the Dansville Central School District is car safety.


Chavez said that the school often does a safety demonstration for Prom, and this would fit in perfectly with that.


The Hum is a fairly new piece of technology that can be installed in the student’s vehicle to keep them safe while driving. It is Chavez’s goal to have this technology donated to the school for seniors.


“The community has done a lot for us,” he said. “You see a lot of strong loyalty in the area, and you see a lot of people wanting to giveback.”


This vehicle safety package if approved by the school would be installed no matter whether you have Verizon or a different cellphone. If approved it may be used for student drivers as well.

Dansville Wireless Zone is located at 5 Franklin Plaza. They can be reached at 585-612-0999. The stores hours are Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. To 5 p.m.