Livingston County school Superintendents along with the Livingston County Sheriff's Office and Local Law Enforcement Agencies are partnering in the PREVENT initiative to develop effective prevention and response strategies to school violence.

This partnership strengthens an enduring bond among law enforcement and school district leaders as they work to identify and mitigate potential threats to school communities. As this initiative develops, the objective is to include members from Livingston County Mental Health Services and Livingston County Emergency Management, along with Local Fire Departments and EMS to further the goals of the PREVENT initiative.

The goals of PREVENT are to:

Develop, share and implement effective violence prevention strategies in schools.

Select and deploy the most effective and easy to use response and prevention technologies available.

Practice response tactics through tabletop exercises and collaborative simulations.

Determine authoritative jurisdiction over emergency response when multiple agencies are involved.

List uniform reintroduction criteria for students who are removed from the educational setting for making threats of violence, exhibiting relational aggression, harassing others and/or committing acts of violence.

Compare prevention and response strategies documented in Safe School Plans from each district.

Provide time for SROs to collaborate with one another and with school officials during school breaks.

Make explicit the pathways of communication between county agencies and school systems.

Secure funding to enhance safety in LC schools.

Promote school resource officer staffing and training throughout LC schools.

Enhance after school and overnight security measures.

Distinguish between security and response strategies and ensure the best of both are available in all LC schools.

The first official meeting of the PREVENT initiative was held on June 25 at the Livingston County Emergency Operations Center. The meeting was attended by Superintendents and IT Personnel from all Livingston County Public Schools along with the surrounding school districts of Wayland-Cohocton and Honeoye Falls-Lima.

Law Enforcement was represented by members of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, Police Chiefs from the Villages of Geneseo and Avon, and a representative of the Mt. Morris Village Police Dept. The PREVENT committee plans to meet on a quarterly basis.