DANSVILLE — For nearly a decade a Dansville Central student has waited to get the medical help she needs to fix a diagnosis she had as a child.


Hannea Milliman, 15, had her whole life change on Sept. 23, 2009 when she experienced onset paralysis in her right arm. On Oct. 14, 2009 she was diagnosed with a rare disease called Parsonage Turner Syndrome. After several different hospital and doctor visits the family was getting discouraged over the years.


Finally, last June the family met with a team at Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia that has a way of helping Hannea. This surgery will take place on Aug. 9, and should help Hannea regain use of most of her right arm.


On July 12 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. there will be a benefit in Hannea’s honor at the Dansville Hook and Ladder on 26 Clara Barton Street.


Christa Milliman, Hannea’s mother, is asking everyone in the community to donate baskets or gift certificates to the basket raffle.


“We live in an amazing community, and some have worked to help put this event together for Hannea,” she said. “Hannea has never let this stop her. She is a very good dancer, and has loved that since she was a little girl. Hannea did cheer competitions and was an angel in The Nutcracker.”


Despite all of the problems with Hannea’s right arm she is very involved in school programs and sports. Hannea spent her childhood looking up to her brother who was very athletic.


“She has to wear a brace, but she never lets it hold her back,” Christa Milliman said. “Her main passion is dancing, so she wanted to make sure she could keep doing that. The little girls love and respect her at the dance studio. She wants to have her own dance studio someday. It just makes me so emotional to see everyone love and support her.”


Hannea has turned the dance studio into her second home, and all of her fellow dancers and teachers have become her family.


“She is very excited about the surgery. They need to take part of her back muscle, so they can reconnect her arm to her shoulder. She is okay with having this big surgery,” Milliman said. “We are very happy with her doctor in Philly. We have some horror stories of other doctors we dealt with in the past. Hannea really loves this doctor, and he makes her comfortable.”


Hannea said that this is all part of her story, and she has kept a positive attitude about her condition.


The family is heading down to New York City for the Aladdin on Broadway on Aug. 8 before the surgery on Aug. 9. They want to let her do something nice before the big day. Christa Milliman said that her daughter will be spending her Sweet 16 in the hospital, so they are going to this show for her.


Miss Natale’s Dance Studio owner Natale Harter put on a recent benefit for Hannea, because she has a very close bond with her teachers. Monica Sue is helping to put on the benefit on July 12 as a family friend.


“My daughter deserves to have this surgery. She has waited and never once complained,” Milliman said. “Hannea doesn’t use her condition as a crutch.”


To help with donations and basket raffles please contact Christa Milliman at 585-285-7893.