Dansville--The Village of Dansville recently found out that it is among the top five candidates in the Finger Lakes Region competing for a $10 million revitalization grant through New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI).


The initiative, according to its website, “is a comprehensive, multi-agency approach to transform vulnerable, vacant or forgotten areas of the state into livable, walkable, dynamic neighborhoods.”


“We’ve shown that we have the people who support improvement,” Mayor Peter Vogt said. “But we really need something that will take us over the top.”


If chosen, a local planning committee would establish a strategic plan for downtown revitalization. The plan would be implemented using the DRI funds, and addition, the Village would have to commit $500,000 of its own money into the project, which it has already authorized.


The Village was made aware that they were in the top five on June 7, and on June 20, Mayor Vogt, Livingston County director of Economic Development Bill Bacon and deputy director Maureen Wheeler made their pitch for Dansville to a selection committee at Monroe Community College, where other teams from competing municipalities did the same.


This is the third year for this grant. There are 10 regions overall, with one municipality in each region receiving $10 million for an overall $100 million awarded throughout the state. Batavia was the recipient for the award last year for the Finger Lakes Region, and Geneva was the awardee the year prior.